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"Find JOY through movement"

The Sigs Fit Bits Philosophy...


"I hate to excercise, that's why I have the body I have"

Exaclty what 'story' goes on in your head about exercise? I used to 'hate' it too... I would dread sports days at school and would practically make myself sick not to go to a swimming carvinal for all to see me puffing and panting in my swimmers... 

Having worked through the resistance around movement it makes me sad knowing that other women have yet to discover that moving your body in a way that feels good can totally change your life - oh and give you a fab body, loads of energy and enough self confidence to challenge Beyonce in a karioke competition!

Oh, that sounds good...


Results are 80% MINDSET - You first have to BELIEVE before you can achieve... The 12 Week Mindset Program "Radiant Resolution" is for the woman who want to rediscover her self worth and to cultivate her self love and authenticity.

Filled with jouranlling prompts and radical mindset shifts - this is the glue that binds all the hard work in the gym to truly live a RADIANT life...

Becasue... the resistance will always be there... At the end of the day it's your mindset that will take you there.

Are you willing to show up for yourself?

Are you willing to make some changes?

Are you ready for massice growth...?!


What does it look like to actually love your body?

Can you even imagine how good that would feel? How amazing it would be to actually LOVE what you see in the mirror? 

All of the answers are already within you... YOU ARE LOVE

I will help you find:

Movement - in a way that brings you JOY

Mindset - to live life authentically YOU

Macros - eating the foods to nourish your SOUL

Coaching with Sig

This isn't just a workout system... It is a way of life! It is about showing up for yourself so that you can show up for others. It is being resilient to all of what life has in store FOR you. 

The more you step in and step up fully and authentically the more I can support you, coach you and cheer you on in becoming your gorgeous, undeniable potential!!! 

Women need women: women who understand other women! Supporting women is our gift to the world because or us to show up who will are in all of our glory is the way to shift the universe.

Let me support you in becoming more YOU!

Coaching by Applicaton ONLY 



I am 32 year old mother of 3 young children and I can not recall a time when I have been completely satisfied with how I looked in the mirror. I loved my pregnant body; it made me smile for obvious reasons and I learnt to like my body following my first as I was so focused on the baby. After my third, I really struggled to find that acceptance again. Three babies in 4 years left me with muscle separation, poor posture and a sway back. My biggest fear was the fact I have a daughter. How was I supposed to teach her to love herself first when I couldn’t even comfortably look in the mirror?  

I reached out to Sigrid for help after following her story on Social Media. I had my doubts as I have not tried anything like online coaching/programs before. Sigrid responded with acceptance of my doubts and nervousness through immediate, honest and REAL support.  

Sigrid has guided me into this journey with a connection I thought was impossible for online coaching. She has helped me over come many of my doubts and taught me to love myself by providing the simple things my body needs in food and in fitness. Turns out you don’t need much to look and FEEL amazing! The habits that I have developed over the last 12 weeks have changed my life from inside out. I lost 3kg in the first 3 weeks and have kept it off for the last 9 weeks! I walk taller, straighter and EVERY time I look in the mirror a smile comes to my face – I am strong, I am AMAZING!  

I particularly liked the fact that Sigrid was real! There were no high costs at a gym, no rules with diet and no silly expectations with exercises. As a working mother herself, she didn’t expect me to drop my kids every second I could and was realistic when Mum duties got in the way. She provided alternate ways to get the same results without having to do sit ups while the kids eat dinner! She guided me to trust myself and I learnt that this can happen. Sigrid has taught me that I can do this, all I needed was a few healthy habits, dumbbells and love of course!  

I found the program to be exactly what I needed. Sigrid helped me tackle all my obstacles head on with support and love and made me believe whole heartedly that I can do this! I can live a confident, healthy, active lifestyle without the stress of time constraints, work commitments, Mum duties or life in general!  

If you are looking for genuine support, guidance or advice on where to start, Sigs Fit Bits is without a doubt number 1! I have certainly found my RADIANT self. Thank you Sigrid xx

Sigs Fit Bits Signature Programs:

Radiant Reps – 12 week beginner level weekly exercise program with video and weeking check-ins – this is a foundational strength program perfect for anyone beginning their journey who needs a gentle place to start and build the foundations for success.

Radiant Restistance is the next level of fitness and mindset combined. Level up in your mind and tone-up your body.

Radiant Resolution is a 12 week Mindset program that works beautifully alongside any of the fitness plans or is amazing on its own. It will help you to align your body and your soul for a lifetime of Radiant successes. This is soul-soothing and mindset-magnified! Truly stepping in to your authentic YOU! 

Radiant Responsibility – top level contact/coaching with me – training splits, refined nutrition consultation, mindset and empowerment. 

All you need to get the results you long for! 

Who is Sigrid Peters...?

I was on my first diet at age 14...

I clearly remember having my mum's weight watchers point book in hand working out exaclty what I could and couldn't eat in a day in order to make my body small in an attempt to 'fit-in' or to look like someone I wasn't.

Years of not wanting to get my photo taken, hating what I saw in the mirrow and conitnuing to set rules around what I 'should' be doing in order to get the "perfect" body... what? In order to be loved?

It brakes my heart to think that other women are going through that exact situaion right now... I am on a mission to help women find JOY through movement, to rock a mini skirt and to walk boldly into a room knowing full well that she deseverves to be there.

For a woman to show up shing and RADIANT for she loves herself!

This love comes from nurting your body, listening to what it needs and honouring the very essence of what it means to be a strong WOMAN! 

Frequently Asked Questions

How much does it cost?

Personalised coaching with me ranges from $50 per week to $100 per week depending on the program that best suits your goals and desired outcomes.

How do I know it's for me?

Do you long to love the skin your in?

Are you ready for a change in your life?

Do you want to LOVE your workouts, feel strong and have more energy?


When can I get started?

Click the link below and complete the application questions - from here I will better understane who you are, where you are at and just how committed you are to work with me and CHANGE YOUR LIFE:


Does my location matter?

These programs can work for you ANYWHERE - so long as you have internet access, some dumbbells, floor space and a willing attitude to kick some butt! 

Does it matter if I'm new to exercise?

Nope! If you're just getting started, think of this as the best way to start - safely and comfortably. You'll learn a ton about yourself , your body and gain th knowlege to create movement for the rest of your life. 

How much do I have to do?

It's totally up to you. Caching with me means that together we work out a program that best suits not only your goals but your lifestyle. 

What kind of challenges can I expect?

You'll start by showing up committed to change. You will be given all of the knowlege and support you need to get started and then the follow up when 'life' hapens and... trust me... there will be challanges! That is where the beauty lies!

What kind of results can I get?

My coaching methadologies are centred around building healthy habbits of exercise, mindset and self-love. The results you attain by showing up fully committed are endless... energy, improved sleep, muscle tone and strength, decreases in anxiety and an increase in LIFE!