Transform your LIFE...

One thought at a time

How did I even get here...

From an early age I was a deep thinker and a deep feeler... which left me open to getting my feelings hurt on a regular basis - you might have called me 'sensitive' 

You could have even called me a 'people pleaser' and therefore a perfectionist... always trying to keep everyone else happy and never being good enough for even myself.

It was the 'never good enough' speel going round and round in my head that led me to an obsession with diet and exercise namely calorie restirction and over-exercising...

This was the journey that taught me that no matter how 'lean' I was or how 'perfect' I ate - I still didn't feel quite good enough...

I had to love who I was even when I didn't 'like' it and that deciding I WAS good enough was entirely up to ME! It was a battle that was all mine. A roadblock that I could choose to overcome. 

This was the stuff that helped me do just that -

This course will help you love who you are deep inside and give you the courage to show it and shine it to the rest of the world.

Here's how the course works:


Watch the weekly video

Start the new week with a new way of thinking and feeling. Listen to the stories that helped me transform and get the takeaways to make your own discoveries


Read the worksheet

Dive deep into your own journey and learn the tools it takes to makes the little shifts that create the BIG changes - you will need a journal for this process


Develop and PRACTICE your new skills

Practice makes progress - take what you need, sit in the lesson and develop the skills to take control of the way you perceive the world around you

Why Radiant Resolution?

This 12 week Mindset Course contains all things from self love and compassion to forgiveness and organsing your cluttered closet...

All that you need for a Radiant Resolution

Ready to start being more YOU? The world NEEDS you!